Welcome to Green Hills Academy

Established in 2000 AD, Green Hills Academy is a pioneering school in the local community. Over the years, the academy has maintained a reputation for operating smoothly and efficiently while upholding principles of respect.
With an expansive institutional space spanning 25,000 sq. ft., Green Hills Academy offers spacious and well-equipped classrooms that cater to the diverse needs of students. The campus provides essential facilities designed to enhance the learning experience for all students. Our dedicated faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced teachers who create a friendly and nurturing environment for learners at an affordable price point.
At Green Hills Academy, we prioritize academic excellence by embracing innovative teaching methodologies and strategies that cater to individual student needs. We believe in fostering competence among our students to empower them towards achieving their full potential.


From its humble beginnings as an ordinary primary school to becoming a renowned educational institution in the local community, Green Hills Academy has embarked on a remarkable journey since its establishment in 2000 AD by Mr. Rajeshwar Prasad Yadav. At that time, it stood as the sole private school in the area, presenting parents with a novel choice for their children’s education.

Despite initial apprehensions surrounding trust in a new private school, Green Hills Academy quickly gained recognition for its commitment to excellence. Within just one year of operation, the school expanded to offer classes up to eighth grade. In an impressive feat, within two years of inception, Green Hills Academy celebrated the graduation of eight students from the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination – four achieving first division and four securing second division.

Since then, Green Hills Academy has consistently nurtured talented individuals across various fields and has become known for producing competitive candidates who contribute positively to society. Looking ahead, plans are underway to introduce higher secondary programs (Class 11 and 12) within a few years’ time. The journey towards academic advancement and holistic student development continues at Green Hills Academy as we strive towards shaping future leaders and achievers for our nation.

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