Message from Principle

Being the principal of Green Hills Academy, I feel proud to say that the idea in my mind that was only a vision once has now become a hope for many young souls. Our school has welcomed students from different backgrounds with a warm heart since 2000 AD. Blessed by the hands of nature, Green Hills Academy provides a safe and healthy environment for students to grow and develop as individuals. By becoming a part of this glorious journey of my students from lost wanderers to becoming the leaders of the nation, I have developed a huge respect for this title, and I have promised to follow my duties with the same dignity in the coming years and more. Today, Green Hills Academy has become my family and I would like to thank all the members for their support and encouragement in this endeavor.


Green Hills Academy

News & Updates

Academic Calendar 2076

The schedule for holidays and different extra-curricular activities are in the calendar. Any change in the programme or accidental holidays […]

Rajeshwor Prasad yadav


Raju Bhandari


Krishna Shrestha


Suman Phuyal


Naturally Healthy Environment

It is located in an academically sound and naturally healthy environment in the lap of Shivapuri.

Well Experienced and qualified teachers.

The teachers, here, are well experienced, qualified and trained.

Earthquake Resistance Building

School has 4 major buildings which are earthquake resistant.

Well equipped classrooms

The classrooms are well equipped and furnished with limited students in each class.

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