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Infrastructure at Green Hills Academy

Sports and ECA

Apart from studies, our school also emphasize on extra-curricular activities. We provide the facility of nearly all kinds of sports including indoor and outdoor sports. We also have dance classes once a week. Our school is also a member of Nepal Scout so our students can learn to be disciplined, dutiful, practical and self-sufficient. We also conduct various other activities every Friday so that students can learn beyond studies.


Our school has a transportation facility for the students. We have our own bus for transporting students to and from school. Also, our school is also accessible from different parts via public transportation and is at walking distance from many nearby places.


We have a well-maintained school canteen. The school canteens serve varieties of fresh, nutritious and hygienic foods and hot and cold drinks in subsidized rates to its staff and students during school hours.

Play Station

School also has a play-station covering almost 1200 square feet area of the campus which provides a playful environment for small kids to learn and develop their physical skills. The safety of the student is ensured under the supervision of teachers while in the play-station.


The School has a medium-sized library with about 3000 titles. The School library is well stocked with reading and learning materials to support your coursework. There is a wide range of books, newspapers, and journals, as well as general interest and fiction titles. Every year new additions are made to the existing collections.

Computer Lab

Our school is equipped to meet the educational needs of children in today’s technology-driven world. We, here, provide free basic computer knowledge and computer facilities to the students. Besides teaching the computer as a subject, we use the computer for multimedia facilities and a huge collection of educational software.  We provide full Internet access to the students and teachers. Nearly, all the office works including result processing, accounting, documentation, etc. are computerized.

Science Laboratory

The biology, chemistry and physics laboratories allow students to learn from experience and give them a better opportunity to understand the subject. Our laboratories are well equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities required for Secondary level school to facilitate the learning of science through experiment and observation.

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